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Social psychiatric services

1. social pedagogue

The positions of the social teacher for 8 years. 

The main directions of activity of the social teacher: 

1. Socio - pedagogical protection of the rights of the child (to identify and support students who need social protection, individual work). 
2. Socio - pedagogical research (preparation of passports and school classes, the study of families, socio - pedagogical diagnostics to identify personal problems of students, families). 
3. Ensuring social - pedagogical support to families (creation of a database, the early detection of dysfunctional families, psycho - pedagogical education in order to create optimal conditions for mutual understanding in the family).
4. Socio - pedagogical prevention, correction and rehabilitation (kontro attendance lessons individuanyh conducting interviews, the organization works with uchschimisya "at risk", cooperation with the inspection of the juvenile). 
5. Promoting pedagogical orientation environment for the optimal development of the individual (holding class hours, parents' meetings, school events). 
6. Support socially valuable activity of children and teenagers (the games and creative activities, volunteer movement, landscaping the yard). 
7. Organizational - methodical activity (analysis, participation in seminars, conferences, study of legal acts, documents, orders). 

About social pedagogue.

Social teacher - a specialist implementing the following professional activities: scientific and methodical; socio-pedagogical; educational; cultural-educational; Correction and Development; management. 
core activity of the social teacher of a set of measures to identify the causes of social exclusion of children. They provide them with social support, communicate with your family, as well as with bodies and organizations on the employment of children and adolescents, providing them with housing, benefits and pensions. Social trainer communicates with the social protection services for the population of the community of pupils, communication with parents (legal representatives) by correspondence, visiting them at home, personal interviews, conducting parent-teacher meetings. 
main directions of the social teacher are: 
• Implementation of a complex of measures on education, training, development and social protection of the individual in the school and community learning. 
• Study of psychological, medical and pedagogical features of the individual learner and its microenvironment, the living conditions. 
• Identify interests and needs, the difficulties and problems, conflicts, the deviations in the behavior of students and timely delivery of social assistance. 
• Establishing cooperation with the social authorities. protection 
Family - an important element in the child's upbringing. It gives people ideas about life goals and values ??that need to know and how to behave in society. 
Who will man - full personality, a participant or a hindrance in the affairs of society, its protector or misfortune - is largely determined by how the correct family education he received as a child. 
order in society only when the order of the family. The school gives knowledge, help in the educational process, adjust if necessary. It helps students overcome the conflict situations in a family with parents and vice versa.

2. Teacher-psychologist

Cabinet-psychologist is on the 1st floor. 

main directions of the teacher-psychologist: 
- psycho and developing work with students; 
- preventive work; 
- psychological education of teachers, parents; 
- psychological diagnosis. 
Since 2005, our school runs socio-psychological service. We invite all those who need help the ATP experts. 

Recommendations for parents and teachers on psychological preparation of students for uniform national testing:

Before you start preparing for tests, should be equipped with a study area: remove unnecessary things convenient to arrange the necessary textbooks, manuals, notebooks, paper, pencils. Psychologists believe that enter the well in such an interior Study yellow and purple colors, because they increase the Predictive activity. Do not glue the sake of this wallpaper or change the curtains, it is enough to some image of colors, which in the end can be done yourself, using, for example, the technique of collage. 
 In the last weeks before the exam can be completely free graduate from domestic responsibilities, better let it rest for ten minutes extra and more engaged. It is also important not to load the adolescent family and financial problems. As for relaxation, you can, of course, and a disco called relaxation, but only physically. Recommended between classes include music without words, the best classic, and ten or fifteen minutes just lie down. It is undesirable to listen to any song and watch TV, because the brain is not resting, it processes information. Much more useful would be a simple exercise.  

Support Strategy 

for graduates is important to create a situation of emotional comfort in the pre-examination stage. It should be reminded of the seriousness of the upcoming exam, but in no case can not escalate the situation. Excessive anxiety increase only leads to disruption of their activities. 
vzroslogo- task of creating a situation of success, encouragement, support. In this play a great role supporting the statement: I'm sure Will you take the bar, which you have set up. I'm sure you can handle it. It is important to provide children with a sense of emotional support. This can be done by various non-verbal ways to see, smile, etc. 
What kind of clothes to dress better on the exam?  Clothing should be quiet tones. Try to avoid too bright, flashy color combinations in clothing, causing too costume parts, so as not to provoke negative emotions in people, which will join the contact during the exam. Always remember the sense of measures. Nothing extra! But after the exam - everything you want. 
When test 
How to behave at the time of testing. Here are a few useful tips. 
Sit comfortably, back straight. Think about what you're above all, smarter and smarter and you will succeed. Focus on the words, I am calm, I was completely calm. Repeat them several times slowly. At the end of squeeze hand into a fist. 
receiving test reading assignments, read the questions and begin to prepare to that question, to carry out the task which, even if only slightly, it is easier for you. 
Choose the right answers in pencil on a blank sheet of paper. Think of all the facts and examples that confirm the correctness of the chosen answer you. If you can do it, you will immediately feel some relief. Your nerves will be calm, his head will start to work more clearly. You will be free from nervousness, and all your energy can now be directed to the test. 
when embarking on a new task, forget all that was in the previous year, - as a rule, the job in the tests are not related to each other. 
Act by process of elimination! Consistently excludes those answers that are clearly not suitable. If you doubt the correctness of the answer, you make the choice difficult. 

Trust your instincts! 

Work on the test in the draft, it will probably take you a certain time, and you may notice that many around already postponed their tests to the side. Do not do this: it can then leave you sideways. When you have finished work on a draft of a test, you can straighten, because in fact you have all the questions and all that is left to do - it is completely rewritten. While you will be transcribed, in the head may come new ideas that will review the written answers in pencil. 
to feel more confident on the exam, psychologists are advised to bring along some amulet. If, however, with the excitement still can not cope - it is recommended immediately before the test to take a self-confident attitude, selfish person. Because our brain dictates the position of the body, and vice versa. 
Note that when a person is upset, he usually is, hunched, his head bowed. There is a reverse process: if we take a certain posture, the brain receives an appropriate command, and after a while your mindset will change. 
cope with anxiety, gather my thoughts on the exam is much easier. But, of course, this is not the only factor that may adversely affect the results of the UNT. Experts estimate that the average for the time of testing applicants diverted about twenty times: it prevents the noise, the neighbors something to ask, then someone breaks into the audience. In general, the fact that react to the distraction, to return to a specific question, re-read and re-grasp the essence, it takes about two minutes. It turns out that only the subtle little things students lose up to forty minutes! And if we lost time to add more absences as needed, then it falls almost an hour of the three hour exam. The only way to combat this phenomenon - not answer questions and did not raise his head, watching the incoming and outgoing. 
main thing is not to waste time on what you do not know, and rational only work with what you know for sure. For example, the answer to the question - then circle it in a circle and put the questionnaire bold plus sign on the field, Maintenance Terms, to no longer return to it. Somnevaetes- choosing the correct answer tick "tick" and a question and move on. If you do not know the answer, put mifont-size: 16pxnus to return to this job at the last moment. 
It is clear that the questions with a "minus" will have to answer at random. But do not tempt fate directly on the answer sheets. Psychologists advise to try to find the right answer metodm exceptions in the same questionnaires. But sometimes this method is not suitable, for example, without knowing the exact date, it is difficult to guess the correct answer. In this case, there is only trust intuition. Finally 
. No less, and sometimes even more stress students experience during the period of anxious waiting for the results of a single national testrongpstirovaniya. How to configure itself in this time for the better or for the worse? Psychologists recommend that still believe in the best, overstating the bar queries. After all, is not one hundred years, confirmed the truth that our thoughts materialize. 

First aid for acute stress 

If we suddenly find ourselves in a stressful situation - we started acute stress. First you need to "gather into a fist" all his will and command yourself "Stop!", To dramatically slow down the development of acute stress. Here are some tips that can help you out of the state of acute stress. 
1. Antistress breathing. Slowly perform a deep breath through your nose; at the peak of the inhalation, hold your breath for a moment, then exhale as slowly as possible. It is a calming breath. Try to imagine that with every deep breath and a long exhale, you partially get rid of stress voltage. 
2. Minute relaxation. Loosen the corners of the mouth, moisten the lips. Relax your shoulders. Focus on the expression of his face and body position: remember that they reflect your emotions, thoughts, inner state. It is natural that you do not want to know about your surrounding stress. In this case, you can change the "face and body language" by muscle relaxation and deep breathing. 
3. Look around and inspect the room where you are. Pay attention to strongmelchayshie details, even if you know them well. Slowly, slowly, mentally "loop through" all the items one by one in sequence, to dramatically slow down the development of acute stress. 
Here are some tips that can help you out of the state of acute stress. Try to fully concentrate on this "inventory". Say to yourself mentally, "Brown desk, white curtains, red flower vase", etc?. By focusing on each individual item, you will be distracted from vnutrennegostrong stress voltage, directing his attention to the rational perception of the environment. 
4. If circumstances allow, leave the area in which you have an acute stress. Go to another room, where no one, or go outdoors, where you can be alone with your thoughts. Disassemble the mind is a room (if you are out on the street, the surrounding houses, nature) "to pieces", as described in paragraph 3. 
5. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, bend forward and relax. The head, shoulders and arms hang down freely. Breathing quietly. Fix this position for 1-2 minutes, then slowly lift your head (so that it is not spinning). 
6. Engage in any activity - it's like a: start to wash clothes, wash dishes or do the cleaning. The secret of this method is simple: any activity, especially physical work in a stressful situation serves as a lightning rod - it helps to distract from internal stresses. 
7. Turn on soothing music that you love. Try to listen to it, focus on it (the local concentration). Remember, concentration on one thing contributes to total relaxation, it causes positive emotions. 
8. Take a calculator or paper and pencil and try to calculate how many days you are living in the world (the number of complete years multiply by 365, adding one day for each leap year, and add the number of days elapsed since the last birthday). This rational action will allow you to switch their attention to you. Try to remember some particularly remarkable day of your life. Think of it in minute detail, without losing anything. Try to count how the account was on this day of your life. 
9. Talk to some abstract subject with any person who is close: neighbors, co-workers. If no one is near, call your friend or girlfriend. It's kind of distracting activities that are carried out "here and now" and is designed to drive out of your mind the internal dialogue, full of stress. 
10. Do some breathing exercises Antistress. 
now took himself in hand, you can safely continue your activities.

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Nabatova Bakhyt Shamilevna was born in 1963 on August 8 in the city of Aktobe. 

After 1980 she graduated from the State University of Kirov, she began her teaching career as a teacher in the secondary school named Abdalieva. 
Since 2010 is the director of KSU secondary educational school №3 named after Yury Gagarin. 


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